How to make a fiberglass leash loop

A fiberglass leash loop is a nice way to finish off your retro surfboard. These days, they are typically seen on retro fishes and longboards, while modern boards use a leash plug instead. A leash plug is drilled into the board and sits flush with the level of the board, while a leash loop rises above the level of the surfboard, like a little clear arch. If you’ve gotten into glassing your own boards, there’s a good chance you’ve thought about adding a fiberglass leash loop. As a backyard shaper it’s fun to spend time on these little touches that make your board different to a production board.

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Leash loop videos

This video shows exactly how to build the leash loop, including wetting out the fiberglass, pulling out the rovings, and laying them over some placeholders. *Skip to 2:35.