The best free and paid surfboard templates

Surfboard TemplatesWhat kind of surfboard are you building? Thruster, funboard, mal, mini-simmons? Once you’ve worked this out, you’ll need a template or an outline. You can either create your own (not recommended for beginners) or find a template that someone else has already created.

Blending Curves – Free & Paid

This is the best resource on the web for free surfboard templates and outlines. They have templates for outlines, rockers and even fins. If they don’t have what you need, you can even purchase a custom template.

Almond Surfboards – Kookumber Free Template

The guys at Almond Surfboards are offering a free downloadable pdf template of one of their popular models, the Kookumber. A great, quality template to get you started.

Greenlight Surf Supply – Paid templates

Greenlight Surf supply offer a range of paid templates to buy and download. The templates include a range of sizes from 5’0″ up to 9’11”, as well as fin templates and SUP templates.

They include this handy video showing exactly how to print and cut the surfboard outline: – Free offers a selection of visitor-submitted surfboard templates to download. – Paid

If you’re looking to build a wooden surfboard, these templates will help. They offer hollow surfboard templates as well as templates for alaias.

Make your own surfboard template!

If you’re keen, you can make your own template from an existing board or even a picture of a board. Fibreglass Hawaii have created this video which shows you how the pros do it.

Do you know of another resource for surfboard templates? Let us know.