DIY surfboard shaping stands

One of the first things you are gonna need to start making your own boards is a decent surfboard shaping stand. I started off trying to use a couple of standard saw horses, big mistake. You’ll quickly learn that a proper shaping stand is crucial to making your boards. The main criteria are:

  • Stability – make sure it has enough weight in it, so it won’t wobble
  • Accessibility – can you sit your board on it while you’re planing the top, but also put the board on it’s side and shape the rails?
  • Flexibility – will you use the stand for glassing as well as shaping? Can it accommodate a shortboard and a longboard?
  • Height – save your back, not too low and not too high.

You don’t need anything fancy. The quick and dirty method is to use some 4×2 timber shaped into a little “U” shape, wrapped in carpet so it doesn’t dent your fresh foam, put onto longer poles, then stuck into a bucket of cement. One for each end. This creates a solid stand, that isn’t joined, so you can push them apart to accommodate different length boards.

Ideas & Templates

Shaping stand videos


Here’s a good step by step tutorial for making your own shaping stand from standard hardware:

Too lazy?

Can’t be bothered making your own stand? Don’t have time? There are a few places that offer pre-built surfboard shaping stands for purchase:

What’s next?

Now you’ve got your shaping stands sorted, you need to work out what shape board you’re going to make, and for that you’ll need a template.